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Friday, February 24, 2017
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The Ministry of the Economy is developing a new electronic registry for the issuance of mineral dispositions currently granted under the authority of The Mineral Tenure Registry Regulations. Information and circulars related to the development, testing and implementation of the Mineral Administration Registry Saskatchewan (MARS) will be posted here. 


Go to the Mineral Administration Registry Saskatchewan website.


This section contains links to the MARS eLearning Modules.

Mineral Disposition Parcels

New mineral dispositions issued using the MARS system will be based on two types of electronic parcels:

  1. Surveyed mineral parcels maintained as part of the Province's Mineral Cadastral Parcel Mapping System used for the administration of mineral titles and abstracts under The Land Titles Act, 2000;
  2. Unsurveyed legal subdivision (LSD) grid cells developed by ISC for the unsurveyed portion of Saskatchewan as part of its SaskGrid Township Fabric product.

This system of mineral disposition parcels will replace physical claim staking in unsurveyed areas while tying dispositions directly to Crown titles and abstracts in the surveyed area.

Legacy Dispositions

Legacy dispositions are any mineral dispositions issued prior to the implementation of MARS. There will be two types:

  1. Conforming legacy dispositions which have boundaries that correspond to the new mineral disposition parcels used by MARS. These will be assigned to their corrseposnding mineral disposition parcel at the time of conversion to the new system.
  2. Non-conforming legacy dispositions which have irregular boundaries physically staked in unsurveyed areas of the province. These boundaries will be retained under the new MARS system subject to a boundary confirmation process to establish the electronic coordinates of the boundary.

Legislation and Regulations

Read the new Mineral Tenure Registry Regulations (MTRR).

View the Mineral Exploration Zone of Lac La Ronge Provincial Park, Appendix 3 of the Mineral Tenure Registry Regulations.

Locating Boundary in the Field

Contact Us

Questions about the MARS system may be directed to the Help Desk (phone:306-787-9030 or email:

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