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Monday, May 22, 2017
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The Surface Rights Board is an arbitration board used as a last resort when a landowner or occupant and an oil/gas or potash operator are unable to reach an agreement for surface access to private land and related compensation.

 The Surface Rights Board of Arbitration conducts hearings for matters such as:

  • the rights required by the operator to enter on the surface of the land;
  • damage claims;
  • compensation for wellsite and/or flowlines;
  • reclamation of abandoned land sites; and
  • rental reviews.

 The Board's objectives are:

  • to provide a comprehensive procedure for acquiring surface rights;
  • to provide for the payment of just and equitable compensation for the acquisition of surface rights; and
  • to provide for the maintenance and reclamation of the surface of land acquired in connection with surface rights.

The Board is lobbied by public and private organizations, businesses and agricultural operations to ensure that it is accountable to a healthy agricultural industry, a healthy petroleum industry and a healthy environment.

Balancing sound, consistent and standardized oil field practices, agricultural practices and environmental practices with the public interest and the maintenance of public policy is always a challenge. The environmental integrity of petroleum operations is always of great concern to the Board.

Site Supervision

The Board's ability to monitor and enforce existing environmental standards is limited to acts of the operator creating damage less than $1,000 and to the reclamation and restoration involved in the abandonment of a well.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy monitors the maintenance of oil field operational standards during the well's life. Please contact the applicable field office for further information:

Lloydminster (Area 1) Field Office
Kindersley (Area 2) Field Office
Swift Current (Area 3) Field Office
Estevan (Area 4) Field Office



For more information, please contact:

Surface Rights Board of Arbitration
Box 1597
113-2nd Ave. E.
Kindersley SK S0L 1S0
Phone (306) 463-5447
Fax (306) 463-5449

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The Surface Rights Board is governed by The Surface Rights Acquisition and Compensation Act.

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