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Friday, February 24, 2017
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The Saskatchewan Mineral Assessment Database is an integrated searchable database of non-confidential mineral assessment files submitted in compliance with The Mineral Disposition Regulations, 1986.

The SMAD program allows for the search of Mineral Assessment Files by Text or Map search and the ability to view or download digital copies of the files. Most files will be made available in PDF format, which is viewable with Adobe Reader (a freeware product available online). Other file types such as digital airborne data, may also be present and may require more specialized programs.

As new digital mineral assessment files come off-confidential, they will be added to the online database and will be available to download or view. Our historical data is available for text and map searches, but digital copies of these records for viewing and download will only be available as they are digitally scanned. Check Back Regularly!

NOTE: The NTS Quad designation (NE, NW, SE, SW) is no longer used in the SMAD naming standard for file identification.


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Although Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy has exercised all reasonable care in the compilation, interpretation and production of this item, it is not possible to ensure total accuracy, and all persons who rely on the information contained herein do so at their own risk. Any reserves or resource figures found in this database ARE NOT to be taken as NATIONAL INSTRUMENT 43-101 compliant. Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy and the Government of Saskatchewan do not accept liability for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies that may be included in, or derived from, this item.

Proceeding beyond this disclaimer constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.




    • Mineral assessment files are identified geographically using the National Topographic System (NTS), followed by a file number. This does not mean however, that files do not fall into other map sheets.

      E.g.          63L06-0004
      (NTS-File Number)

    • MAP Search:
      • This page takes a while to load due to the large amounts of data being supported on the page. To turn layers on or off, please go to the Map Options tab once the page has loaded.
      • Assessment files can be separated by type: airborne, ground or underground surveys.
    • Digital Data:
      • If a file has digital data available, it will be noted within the individual file in tab form “View Data”
      • Digital data is broken into 4 categories: Reports, Digital Submissions, Maps and Figures and Sections, and Miscellaneous.
      • Individual files or All can be selected for viewing or Zipping for download. 
      • If files are zipped for download, a file name will be attached (e.g. for download under the ZIP REQUESTS tab.


As this database is undergoing updates, please be patient and contact the Assessment Files Unit if defective data is discovered. Additional comments and questions should be directed to the Assessment Files Unit: 


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